Snowfall: A Journal Entry

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.12.46 PM

It was clean, untouched, untainted by man. Blankets of snow covered the ground, the roof tops,  the mountains, the trees. And me. As I sat there and let the snow swallow me, I became untainted as well.

It touched my eyelashes, my lips, my entire body. I watched it slowly bury me. Holding me in it’s arms, like a mother’s embrace.

I saw the carbon dioxide escape my mouth and turn into gaseous condensation. The icy wind whipped at my face. Trees towered over me menacingly. Snowflakes spotted the sky. This image was frozen in my mind.

It was a magical image; one filled with promise, anticipation, and possibility. All was possible and all was attainable. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the mellifluous melody of the breeze and patter of snowfall.

This was a little journal entry I wrote and photo I took in January. I am entering it into this contest that Dodie Clark and Canon have created. I may end up changing my mind about entering it into the contest. But… I hope you enjoy this small thing I wrote.



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